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    Hövdingegatan 20
    256 54 Ramlösa

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    Grimstagatan 170
    162 58 Vällingby

    Spjutvägen 5, Hus B
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Why choose Loud of Sweden?

Why choose Loud of Sweden you ask? Well, the answer is simple. Long distance transmissions in CD quality over a worldwide approved frequency and without interference, provides you with whole new way of looking at sound installation. Installing a system takes a matter of minutes, not days. Just plug & play. It’s simply sound.

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Cost effective

Easy and flexible installation and you can move position of the speaker inside the store or when moving to new address.

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Premium sound

The sound of the speakers is in 1411 kilobits, which corresponds to CD quality. You get very high quality sound in your store.

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Long distance

Range up to 1000 ft and can be easily extended with our unique Wireless Local Gateway transfer mode. You can extend the system as far as you like.

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Call out

Built-in announcement function makes it possible to inform the customers and staff, through the system.

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Easy to add

It’s extremely easy to add speakers when needed. It is done in a snap!

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Easy installation

Installing a system takes a matter of hours, not days.

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Easy to move

When your company grows and you need more room, this system moves with you.

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Easy to reposition

It is common for shop owners to rebuild the store after a while. This system is easy to reposition.

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